Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who could resist this face?

It's not Lucky's fault.  I know that.

She ran to the back door, jumped all over it like she was desperate to get out.  I let her out.  She immediately turned around and jumped on the door to get back in.  

Several minutes later we went through the same routine.

Since I was talking on the phone as this went on I have to confess I wasn't really getting it.

I think we did it again.  I looked at her after letting her in and she looked at me.  I'm SURE this was what she was thinking.

"I can't believe how stupid you are.  Three times I have gone out just to turn around and come back in and you STILL think I'm saying I want to go out in the backyard??  No.  I do not want to just go out in the back yard.  I want to go out the door WITH YOU AND WITH MY LEASH ATTACHED TO ME!!  For heaven's sakes, I haven't had a walk in three days!!  I'm a dog!  Why don't you get it??!!"
Lucky, I get it.  Let's go.  I'll get the leash.
(P.S.  I took her for a 45 minute walk.  She's happy.  It's summertime, for heaven's sakes.  There's no excuse.)


Anonymous said...

Very cute picture. My sister-in-laws doggie would do that same sort of thing. My dogs, if I open the door, go bounding out no matter if they originally wanted to or not, but they are rather outdoorsy dogs.

I am dog sitting for my parents and there dog looks up at me like "Oh.... do I have.... to go out... again." Lazy sausage on legs that he is.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

SC, that's how Lucky usually is too. She really doesn't want to leave us, even to go out in the back yard. Dogs are funny.

Mairin :o) said...

A very sweet face.