Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember, Man, That You Are Dust

Some of you may remember the emptying of my parents' house.  We sold it maybe a year ago now.  

It's gone.  I mean it's really gone now.  Nothing left but a hole in the ground where the new owner is apparently digging a foundation for the new mansion which will take its place.

I do understand the economics of the situation.  The land was FAR more valuable than the house.  Actually, I guess the house had a negative value-- less than worthless, since it had to be torn down for the new owner to build what they wanted

It was a nice house.  (Pictured above).   I don't have a picture of the hole in the ground.  I haven't actually seen it yet.  I've just been told about it.  This is probably good.  Now I can get used to the idea (sort of) before experiencing the shock of actually seeing it.

This is the back yard and the back of the house.  It was my family home for 40 years.   Now it's gone.

But I am so happy that on the day we left my good friend Ann K.  helped me (encouraged me!) to dig up some of the perennials in the garden.  We dug them out and threw them in boxes to take back here to Ann Arbor.  I planted the limp things with not a lot of hope of their survival. But they're coming up!!!!  These lily of the valley bloomed a few weeks ago.

The above fern was one of many all over the back gardens.  And the black eyed susans are coming along nicely.  But pictured below is my favorite.

Four peony plants are coming up!!!  This one bloomed just a few days after I got the news that the house was really gone.  I did not remember that it was white.

This lovely bloom was such a comfort to me.  White-- the color of the Resurrection!!!!  Life continues.  Of course we know that life is eternal.  But it is indeed a blessing to me to have some of my mother's flowers-- flowers she herself planted.  I wonder if she had anything to do with the timing of this blossom

God is good!!!!


Anonymous said...

I remember the post about the house. What a wonderful idea your friend had, to take some of the plants out of the garden. I'm sure the timing was one of those wonderful God-incidences!

Lynz said...

Has it really been that long since you posted about cleaning your parents house?

What a wonderful blessing to have those plants and flowers. I wish I would have been able to get some of the plants from my grandparents house before they ripped them all up to zero scape the yard. I was and am sad always to drive by. But the memories are always so beautiful.

Enjoy! P.S. I love your last post as well. Such a good thought to remember.

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

That's sad, about the house.

But, that's great that the plants have survived the move. I love the photo of the white flower. It seems to be GLOWING in that second photo!

Suzanne said...

I bet if your Momma prayed while she planted or cared for them..if she was grateful..then I bet they ended up where she wanted them..with you! :)