Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the Road!

We set off on Sunday morning for the major road trip-- one side of the country to the other--- Michigan to Florida.....

Had a great time stopping in Tennessee to see relatives we don't get to see very often.

Had a fabulous dinner together.

Late last night we arrived at Grandma's house in Florida.  So today it was off to everyone's favorite place in Florida...

The beach, of course!!

Air temperature in the nineties and water temperature of 83 degrees!!!!!  The water was delightful.  No shocking coldness.  It was a little cooler than lukewarm bath water.  Even I went in.  Loved it.

No terribly large waves either.  They make me nervous.  It was just peaceful all around.

I really enjoy how different the vegetation is here from what we're used to.  Had to take a few shots .

And even with clouds like these approaching we managed to get to the car before the downpour.

(So now it's getting late and I'm sitting in the local Wendy's with free wifi!!!)  I'll have to catch up on my reading later.  I can only bribe the kids with french fries for so long.  teehee)

The whole family was not able to come but a few more will join us as the week goes on.

Hope all is well with all of you!


Suzanne said...

Have fun, Rosemary! Dan and I are supposed to go to S. Carolina Mon. and am planning to meet up with KM...the Kitchen Madonna..Virg!
Hoping to get to the Atlantic seacoast which is not far from her at all!
Pray for us that it works out, okay?
God bless.

Mimi said...

Great photos! Enjoy your vacation and have a glass of sweet tea for me.

And, dear Suzanne - would you give KM a hug from me?

'thann said...

SIGH! My late parents used to live on Marco Island (Gulf coast) and we would spend three weeks every summer there. More often than not, it was cooler there than here in Michigan. That beach is what I imagine Heaven to be. The Gulf was out the front door, and the pool was out the back door. Yes, it was Heavenly!

Have a wonderful and peaceful vacation!

Suzanne said...

Yes, I will give her a hug from all of us! :)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thanks, Mimi, I will.
'thann, That does sound heavenly. Hey, I heard about Ted's great part in the summer play. Can't wait to see it. He will be awesome.
Suzanne, thank you, you too. And please give KM a hug for me too!!

Sarah said...

Great pics!!!