Saturday, June 13, 2009

May Wonders Never Cease!

Yesterday I assigned chores for the day for my children.

Two of them had the job to empty two of their drawers and clean them.  (Take out what you've outgrown, don't want, etc.  Fold neatly and put back in what was left.)

My seventeen-year-old told me, "All my drawers are clean."

Me:   "All your drawers are clean."  I smile.  "Huh.  And if I look in them I will think they're clean?"

Jim:  "Yup.  When I got Grandpa's bedroom set I cleaned all the drawers."

I went into his room and looked through them.  May wonders never cease!!!  They were all neat, clean, and organized!!!

He rolls his t-shirts, a technique he learned from his brother when he was at a service academy.

This is one of his drawers......

You go, Jim!!!!!!


Suzanne said...


'thann said...

LOL! I think Teddy would be mortified if I posted a photo of HIS drawers! Since he's been home from school I just keep his door closed...out of sight, out of mind!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

That would definitely be true for ALL my other kids, 'thann. LOL This was a shock.
Suzanne, I know. Who knew?? LOL

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