Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lies About the Prolife Movement

This morning I was listening to Ave Maria Radio's Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo.

She was discussing last night's "reporting" by Rachel Maddow on George Tiller's murder.

Are your ready for this???!!!!!!!  Here is how Maddow's report started:

"The first time a doctor was murdered by the modern anti-abortion terrorist movement in America was....."

I kid you not.  She actually said this and then went on to outline every act of violence ever committed against an abortion clinic as though there were actually a coordinated effort by pro-life advocates to commit violence.

Should you want to hear for yourself.  Here is the link.  the Rachel Maddow Show

All you pro-lifers, I urge you to set Ms. Maddow straight by emailing her at rachel@msnbc.com.

I sent her the following email:

As a longtime pro-life activist I am absolutely dumbfounded by your assertion that there is a "modern antiabortion terrorist movement in America."  Such an assertion is an absurd excuse for journalism.  There is no such movement.  The pro-life movement is very, very large and very committed to the protection of ALL human life, including the lives of abortionists..  Yes, occasionally a mentally ill person will commit an act of violence while claiming to share our views.

ALL of the major pro-life groups in this country have categorically condemned this horrible act of violence, a very important FACT that was conspicuously absent in your report.

To have smeared the entire pro-life movement in this way is shamefully hateful reporting that doesn't even deserve to be described as journalism.

I will certainly be avoiding all of your reports in the future since your truthfulness as a journalist will always be in question in my mind.

Rosemary Bogdan
(Maybe I should have waited until I had calmed down a little.)
Lord have mercy. (I knew this would happen, didn't you?)


Anonymous said...

Good job. You said it perfectly well, honestly, forcefully and yet you were fair.

Lynz said...

It is hard to hear things like this said. I'm glad you voice your opinion.

I admire you so much for always letting your voice be heard!

Kalona said...

Yes, I was afraid of this kind of reporting. Your email is perfect.

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Very well done, Rosemary.

I'm still on a self-imposed news blackout about this. I've taken the leap to reading a few blogs today, but perhaps it's better if I go fade back into the land of denial for a few more days! I just cannot face the backlash that the pro-life movement is going to face after this!!!

Such unnecessary backlash, too. I wonder, do they REALLY believe this about the pro-life movement? Or, are they just stirring the pot of hatred?

Suzanne said...

Stirring a pot of hatred Catholic Wife..that is what I believe.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thank you, simplycatholic.

Lynz, that is so sweet. Thank you. A weakness of mine is letting my voice be heard TOO much.

Thank you, Kalona. I hope it wasn't too harsh.

Catholic Wife, indeed. I wonder if they do. It's possible. Some left wing pro-abortion types are pretty hotheaded and not real keen on facts. (Now there I go generalizing.)

Suzanne, you may be right.

angelmeg said...

your response was well put, but unfortunately she probably isn't mature enough to hear what you have to say.

Your opinion is of no consequence to her.

James said...

You're probably right, Angelmeg. Still, if she thought it might effect her ratings she might care.