Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinner with Grandma

I like the beach.  The beach is fine.  In fact, the beach on a nice day is very beautiful, even awe-inspiring.  There are times when I would even say that I LOVE the beach.

BUT A RAINY EVENING IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES.  Honestly, I'm starting to think that my family is a little obsessed with this ocean thing.

So... rather than walk on a wet, deserted beach in the dark, during a drizzle that could at any moment turn into a downpour, as it has on and off all day, I asked to be dropped off at the Wendy's with the free wifi.

So, having checked my email, noted in my planner the day that school starts (not that I'm thinking about that AT ALL), I'm actually doing a little blogging while drinking a cup of hot tea.

I'm hoping they don't come back too soon and feeling a little guilty about the hope.  On the other hand, THEY'RE CRAZY!!!!  I can't help that.  And I am starving for some blogging.

I have been taking a lot of pictures which my 12 and 14 year old are not too happy about.  If the picture is not absolutely perfect they're both moaning, "Delete it.  Delete it," to which my oldest (24 yo son), chuckling,  says, "What's the big deal.  It's not like it's going to end up on the Internet or anything."  He (who reads my blog) is quietly laughing as they insist, "It probably WILL end up on the Internet."  I therefore promised, as I have before, that if they ever don't like a picture I've posted I will delete it.  So, the following pictures may only be up for a day or so (teehee).

Tonight Grandma took us to a little Italian restaurant not far from her home.  It was fun!

Most of the time, these girls have been getting along famously.

But there are occasional moments like the one above.  (I handed the camera to Jim and said under my breath, "If you see something good...."

But then someone discovered there are very annoying and hilarious things to be done with straws.  (And you with young kids thought this would maybe pass by age 4 or 5?)

This is my hubby Mike with his mother.  It's good for us to be here.

Tomorrow we head for St. Augustine, FL, a place I wanted to visit.  Hope to have some good pictures.

God bless!


Catholic Mom said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! Prayers for your continued safe travels!

'thann said...

I hope the rest of your vacation and your trip home are both good! Teddy is going to see Public Enemies tomorrow night in the hopes he'll see Mike!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

CM, thank you!
'thann, we saw it last night. Twice I thought I might have seen Mike but it was just for a second and I couldn't be sure. Might have to wait for the DVD. LOL