Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Baptism! (With the blessing of Saint Joseph in particular!)

 My youngest grandson was recently baptized Michael Joseph, in St. Joseph Church, on the Saint Joseph River, in St. Joseph County, on the FEAST OF SAINT JOSEPH!!!! Yes! He will go by the name "Joey."

 Mom Esther dressing Joey in his family baptismal clothes. Both his mother and father were baptized in these.

 Joey, ready for the sacrament...

 Receiving the waters of Baptism as his godfather, Uncle Jim, stands by.

 It was a beautiful Baptismal font. Heated water!

 Parents and godparents, Uncle Jim and Auntie Ruth.

 There were many families present. And a lot of little ones. I love the little hand on the right in this picture.

 Joey with his parents and grandparents....

                                    Auntie Elle, Uncle Jim, Auntie Mary, and Uncle Paul.

Fun brunch with family and friends afterwards...

 Uncle Zach giving Joey his first chiropractic adjustment.

Ok. A rare photo of me with my brother and sister who both came in for the event. One from Lansing, one from St. Louis.

Great Uncle Rich becoming quite taken with his new grandnephew.

 Great Aunt Maryanne with Joey and the little angel doll she made for him.

 Joey with Auntie Anne as Mom looks on.

 Triptych of the Nativity, a baptismal gift from Uncle Jim, the godfather...

 Joey with his mom and maternal grandfather...

 Cousin Blaise. If you look closely you can see he's trying to fill his father's shoes. Big shoes to fill!

 Joey with his Uncle Paul who is in the Air force and flew in from the west coast.

Auntie Liz with boyfriend Jonathan. 

 The three generations!

 Michael Joseph, Sr.,  Michael Joseph, Jr., and Michael Joseph, III
 Saint Michael and Saint Joseph, pray for them!

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