Friday, January 20, 2017

Random Thoughts on This Inauguration Day

I always feel proud on inauguration days. Proud of my country's commitment to freedom and democracy. Proud of the peaceful transfer of power.

Other random thoughts...

How on Earth did a man with no experience in elected office get elected president? (I am not suggesting any nefarious influence.) God has a plan. Let's pray for Donald Trump.

One great lesson of this election is that sometimes ALL the pundits will be wrong.

Melania Trump is one elegant woman. Very classy to have brought a gift to Michelle Obama at the White House.

Democrats who refused to attend the inauguration are exhibiting petty partisan politics and an astonishing lack of personal dignity.

Nice to see George W. Bush's winning smile again. The man always looks content. 

Hold on to your hats. I have a feeling this administration is going to be one of a kind, hopefully in a good way.

God bless American today and always.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Today would have been my father's 92nd birthday. He left this world just over 10 years ago. Doesn't seem nearly that long.

This photo, taken just months before my father's death, was at Lorien, a group of cabins in Alpena, Michigan, where my father vacationed for many years with our whole family. He loved it there, soaking up the time with his children and grandchildren. Although he had great trouble going up stairs, he went every day that week to St. Anne's Church where my son John had received permission to play the piano. He sat for several hours in the wooden pew, listening to John practice. Needless to say, hearing John play was one of my father's favorite things to do. I remain grateful to St. Anne's for affording him this great pleasure in the last months of his life.

How my father would love to be at John's concert tomorrow night at Eastern Michigan University, Pease Auditorium where he will play the following:

Sonata in Eb Major, Op. 81a, Ludwig van Beethoven
English Suite in A minor, JS Bach
Toccata Op 40, Robert Casadesus

Das Geistershiff, Op 1c, Carl Tausig
Sonata No 2 in Bb minor, Sergei Rachmaninoff, edited by Vladmir Horowitz

I pray that Dad will be there just beyond the veil between Heaven and Earth. (Concert is free and starts at 7:30 if anyone else is interested.)

Eternal rest grant unto my dad, Oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him May he rest in peace.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

A New Grandson! (Warning: Gushing Grandma Words and Photos)

The breathtaking beauty of new life. And when it's your grandson...add euphoria.

 This was part of the group waiting and supporting Esther in prayer as she worked to bring Joey into the world. I think Elle took the picture.

Here's Elle with two sis-in-laws. So exciting to be awaiting the arrival of new life! A new member of our family!

Uncle Jim entertaining nephew Blaise. Soon Blaise would have his first boy cousin...and first cousin at all on our side of the family.

And here he is....Joy! No other word....

                                                         Joey with Aunt Anne...

Blaise meets Joey!!!

Look at this face! Cuteness!!!!
The little Christmas baby!!!!

                                             Mother love. Her heart is forever changed.

                                                                   A family!!!!!
He holds her finger. And she holds him in her heart for all eternity!!! God is so good. Another miracle.

Monday, January 02, 2017

A year and a few days ago I became a grandma! Words cannot describe the joy that has been added to my life.  Now the Little Man is turning one.

Is he not the cutest little guy you've ever seen. OK, I may be a little biased.

When your birthday corresponds with New Year's Eve, there will always be a party to go to. Nice.

Blaise with his godparents....Auntie Mary (my daughter) and Uncle Ian (his father's brother).

I hear the the only thing better than being a grandparent is being a great grandparent. Here is Blaise with his great Grandma! (Blaise is blessed with two other great grandparents too!)

The theme of the New Year's Eve/Birthday bash was "Time flies!" Perfect!
And isn't that the truth!