Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Baptism Photos Part 2.... Had enough yet??

 Blaise with (from left to right) his godmother, his mother, his father, and his godfather

 Blaise with his grandfather, his great grandfather, his grandmother, his godfather, his mother, his godmother, and his father...

 Blaise with his grandfather, his godfather, his parents, his godmother, and me (his grandmother)

This is one of those priceless shots. Blaise with his grandfather and four generations....Blaise, his father, his paternal grandmother, and his great grandfather! (his Grandma Colette's father) I love it! I never knew any of my great grandparents. Blaise has three living great grandparents!!!!!

Blaise with his Uncle Jim!

Little do these two guys know that someday they're going to be good friends.

Blaise with Mom and Dad!
 Blaise's Uncle Mike and Uncle Jim.

 Blaise with Father Ed!

 Blaise with his Uncle Jim and Father Ed. I distinctly remember Father Ed playing with Jim at about the same age!

And Blaise with his Grandpa Bogdan, whom many people think he least for now.

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