Friday, April 15, 2016

Blaise Meets His Great-Grandma!!

We recently traveled to Florida to introduce Blaise to his Great-Grandma. Mom (my mother-in-law) could not keep her eyes off him.

Mom could talk of nothing else. How adorable he is! How intelligent he looks! How strong he is. Truly exceptional. :-) Of course, she got no argument from us.

Blaise was the star of the dining room. Not only did he absorb all of Mom's attention, everyone there wanted to watch Blaise. Come over here, they would gesture to my daughter. Bring him to see us. And, on the rare occasion that he was crying a little, they would all holler advice, You need a rocking chair, Honey!

There is something so very special about having four generations of family all in one place. The parent child bond is very powerful, as is the grandparent-grandchild bond. When the great grandparent is added, the generational ties feel all the more precious. I guess it is because quite often the great-grandparents are not around when a baby is born and that connection is felt only in pictures and stories.

Since Great-Grandma lives in Florida, there was the mandatory trip to the beach....Blaise's first glimpse of the ocean.

All covered up! Of course!

Then back to Grandma's at dinnertime. She could scarcely take her eyes off him. It was adorable.

Blaise will not remember this trip. But one day he will see this picture of his great-grandmother, his grandfather, his mother, and himself as an infant. 

Four generations in one photo. Heirloom material. We all agreed it was a trip well taken.

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