Monday, September 21, 2015

Mike's Wedding!

Yikes! I haven't written in this blog for SO long! We have had a lot of very significant family events that have taken a lot of my time and attention. Some I have already written about--my youngest son's engagement to Elle and the announcement that my first grandchild is on the way. So exciting!

And just this past weekend we had another milestone event. My oldest son got married! I have a new daughter-in-law!! Esther!

I will be posting more about this wonderful occasion...the planning, the rehearsal dinner, why I love my new daughter-in-law, and so on.

But first I just have to share two pictures. Mike and Esther met 5 years ago, but for various reasons did not start dating. They met when Mike asked Esther to dance at a mutual friend's wedding. Because it was a wedding, there was a lot of picture taking, of course, and Esther was given a picture of her dance with Mike. I love this.

Here they are at the "So what's your name?" phase.
And here they are a few minutes later when I imagine Esther is thinking, "I kind of like this guy!"

And below are two shots of their first dance together as husband and wife....

And here's a clip of the actual dance...Loved it! They dance so well together. May it be a beautiful metaphor of their future life together.

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