Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm sitting in an airport while my daughter takes her first flying lesson in the air.

Yes, flying lesson.  She wants to be a pilot.  She's already taken ground school and now she's starting the actual flight training.

I'm calmer than I thought I would be.  The instructor looked EXTREMELY young but he seemed competent and professional.  I almost asked him how old he was but thankfully realized that would not be appropriate.  The older I get, the less I care about appropriateness.  Still, glad I didn't embarrass my daughter.

When she first announced she wanted to be a pilot I was very surprised and wondered where the interest came from.  Then I remembered that my husband has always been interested in planes and my father was a private pilot, having long been interested in aviation.  I guess it's in her genes.  She was always a roller coaster girl, anxiously waiting until she was tall enough for the scariest rides at Cedar Point.  I, on the other hand, get dizzy just watching those rides from the ground.

I wonder how much longer she'll be up there.  I'm going outside to watch for her......

Well, she's back.  She's on the ground and obviously had the time of her life as you can see above.  Needless to say, the instructor was flying the plane when she took these pictures.


Nonna said...

How exciting for Liz! Great pictures~

Anonymous said...

She looks like she belongs up there! :)

Suzanne McConnell said...

WOW! Yesh, she looks happy! I have a couple of those roller coaster kids..in fact all of them but Teresa and she did make the efforts. A couple of years back, Crista had the opportunity to go up with a guy she was dating who is a private pilot and he allowed her to fly (not sure he was supposed to???) anyway, at first and by the photos I heard oh how fun it was and later she admitted ..I was pretty scared, Mom..lol Anyway, if this is what she and God wants..good for her.