Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Winter's Last Gasp......We hope.

Halfway through April and we received about three more inches of snow last night, adding to what was already a record breaking amount of snow for this year.

The table below is my official measurement. :-)

It's been a brutal winter.  Very icy.  I love the snow, but I am not fond of the ice.  There's no ice today so it's all right, although I did just hear that we might get 3 MORE inches of snow before the end of the day.  Some 40,000 people have lost power in an adjacent county because of the high winds that accompanied this snowfall.

I used my remote starter this morning.  Love that device.  I start the car from inside about 10 minutes before we're going to leave, so it's warmed up when we set out.  Really helps with the defrosting of the windows.  The side door was frozen shut again.  

Yesterday the snow covered plants pictured below were blooming daffodils.  I almost took a picture of them, they were so delightful to see.  Now I wish I had so I could have posted the juxtaposition of yesterday and today.

Michigan winters are completely unpredictable, reluctant to end, and....

fearsomely, awesomely beautiful.  Spring is just around the corner.....

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