Friday, October 25, 2013


I've lived in Michigan for some 45 years now.  I've gotten used to the cold in the winter.  Well, it's still cold.  It's still drastic, but you come to expect it and accept it.  And the winters here are very, very beautiful.  As is the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  We love our seasons.

Today, the temperature was 33 when I came down to the kitchen at 6:00.  Winter has begun.  The other day my youngest child was about to head out the door for school without any jacket at all.  "Liz," I said, it's only 34 degrees."  She answered, "Mom, I'm from Michigan.  I don't get cold."

(But we do get cold.  We're just used to the feeling.  LOL)

Someone posted this video on Facebook recently and the onset of cold Michigan weather made me think of it.  I don't know who made the slideshow but the music is "Michigan Girl" by Ruth and Max Bloomquist.  

You gotta love the mitten!  (This is for you, Anne and Zach Simkins :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom. You can tell Lizzie I lived in MI for 25 years and I still get cold! I was freezing this morning too....but I think it may have been 50 degrees (hehe)


Rosemary Bogdan said...

50 degrees. Come on. That's Spring! Actually it's 52 today here and rainy. I'm wearing a fleece. It's actually pretty comfortable. :-)