Monday, September 09, 2013


It's raining.  Sometimes heavy, loud downpours.  Sometimes light, misty dribbles.  It makes the white rope hammock look dirty.  It probably is.  The sky is that light, grey even color that lets folks in Michigan know it may indeed rain all day.  It's the kind of day that makes 63 degrees feel chilly.  I'm thinking about the shorts my daughter wore to campus today.  It's good we went back for the raincoat.


It's peaceful.  A little chilly.  I may put jeans on instead of the lightweight, cotton capris I'm wearing at the moment.  My arms in this t-shirt and bare feet are asking for a little more coverage.

I'm getting things done that I've put off.  Love that feeling.

Praying for...

Angela... a seventeen year old girl whose mother I know.  She was hit by a car a few weeks ago.  Praying for a complete recovery from her head injury.

Peace!  In Syria and throughout the world.  My goodness, things are getting crazy out there.  Grateful to be an American.

For Alexa....Over ten days of a migraine headache.

For my family....Always.

For all the intentions in my little notebook... there is a lot to pray for....This isn't heaven.

Time to go put on those jeans....

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