Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Presentation of the Lord

While having been offered the opportunity to use this beautiful stained glass image of the Presentation on my blog, I still forgot to post on the actual Feast of the Presentation which was yesterday, February 2.   I urge you to visit the website of this maker of stained glass,  I was very impressed with the work they have done.  Really, very, very beautiful and inspiring images.

Stained Glass Image courtesy of
When I meditate on this fourth mystery of the rosary I usually think of Simeon.  The following is from the writing of Bishop Amadeus of Lausanne, a Cistercian monk of the 12th century. It is part of the Meditation of the Day in Magnificat for February 2.  
"Taking into his arms Jesus whom he was awaiting with unspeakable longing, the other received divine love into the center of his being, and not able to endure in his frail flesh the sweet warmth of the being who is above the heavens or in his frame the power of the fire-bearing word, he prayed for the dissolution of his body, that when his mortal habitation was destroyed he might enjoy more freely the sweetness he already tasted and might announce to those dwelling in the shadow of death the birth of the Savior whom he was proclaiming among those on earth.