Monday, December 10, 2012

Isn't giving the democrats "new revenue"  (more of our money) a little (or a lot) like giving a new credit card to someone who has already maxed out the credit limit on ten others?

Is that a good idea?

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Well, I said I would continue the next day and here it is December 4.  The days keep getting away from me.  Sorry.

Benghazi--  The other very big problem with the whole Benghazi story is the fact that the ambassador had asked for additional security several times and instead of being given greater security, he was given less.  Why?  Would the outcome have been different had there been more security?  This is a very serious question because four Americans lost their lives.  One wonders what the motive is for a  media that does not ask questions like these.

Additionally, there are credible reports that repeated requests for help from the CIA were denied as the attack was taking place.  What?!  That those who could help were told to "stand down."  What does this mean?  Why is there no Watergate style investigation going on?  Is it because the media does not want to know the answers?

Very strange.  Very disturbing.