Thursday, February 23, 2012

I watched most of last night's republican presidential debate. I would have watched the entire thing, believe me, but I'm fighting a cold and was watching in bed. Inadvertently fell asleep. I saw most of it, though.

I thought Romney looked desperate. I thought there was a bit of the cornered dog look-- kind of mean, kind of he knew he just might lose this nomination and couldn't quite summon up the confidence of previous debates. The look made me trust him even less. Still, he's a good debater and he came up with the answers.

Santorum was his usual honest self. Sometimes he should have said less. But the fact that the man courageously speaks the truth even when it is not to his political advantage makes him even more appealing to me as a candidate. I'm sick of Romney twisting the facts and attacking Santorum. Sure makes Romney look small. In fact I just got a recorded phone call from the Romney campaign with this sort of attack message. I called them back and told them to take me off their calling list, that calls like that just make me question the integrity of Romney as a candidate.

When asked how each candidate would describe themselves in one word, I was surprised that none of them said "conservative." Seemed like it would have been a great line for Romney.

Loved when Gingrich pointed out Obama had voted for infanticide. That needs to be repeated a whole lot.

Well, I'm still supporting Santorum. I have a few yard signs left if anyone wants one.

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