Friday, September 23, 2011

Biking!! My new, fun knee therapy..

I think I may have mentioned here that I have been having trouble with my knee. I went to physical therapy for a number of weeks and it improved quite a bit. Since then, I've been doing my home exercises, but for a while it just really seemed to be getting worse again.

Then I started riding my daughter's bike. In physical therapy they always had me ride the stationary bike for ten minutes before doing anything else. They said that was to get the joint very lubricated.

So... I thought maybe I should try it at home too. (Or perhaps the Lord was nudging me to do something that would help.)

Anyway, I've started riding the bike everyday. I'm really enjoying it! Mind you, if the truth be told, I really don't like to exercise. Generally, I think it's boring. I like to read and to write. My favorite place to read? In bed! While it is very uncool to say so these days, I must admit I am rather sedentary by nature, I think.

Each day I think I've ridden a little further than the day before. We have a lot of bike paths in Ann Arbor and I'm discovering where they are. It's been a lot of fun. The time just flies.

AND I THINK IT'S REALLY HELPING MY KNEE!!!!!! That's the very exciting thing.

Yesterday I rode from my house to Gallop Park, a beautiful large park surrounding a pond, with a bike path that goes all the way around the pond. It's about 3-3.5 miles from my house. Well, I made it there, rode all the way around the pond--an absolutely lovely ride. It was heaven. Then I started back home. I did have to stop and rest on one of the hills, but only for about five minutes. When I arrived home I pretty much hurt all over. :-) But I stretched, took Lucky for a little walk to cool down, and went to bed early.

Today, I have NO PAIN IN MY KNEE! I'm feeling good. I guess that means (to be said sarcastically and as part of a moan..) that what people say about exercise really is true-- that it makes you feel better and cures practically everything. I'm going to keep it up. I have to keep it up. I want to be able to walk. I need to be able to move freely without pain. Unfortunately, soon there will be snow here and it will be too cold to bike. I may have to join a gym or buy a stationary bike. Me? Join a gym? May wonders never cease. LOL


Suzanne said...

You've inspired me! We have some lovely new trails too, but I don't know anyone that wants to do this. I guess I'm just going to have to ride around the neighborhood because I do not want to go on some of the more hidden areas of the trails by myself. Maybe in time if I get the point of pure enjoyment and inspire someone!

Suzanne said...

Call Karen Field. She has a bike..she rides sometimes and she is really wanting to exercise more. She may be interested at least a time or two to see how it goes. We are both holding one another accountable starting today with meals, exercise, and weight gain or loss...even though we live apart, so just in case..I can send you her number if you would like me to if you lost it.