Friday, October 01, 2010

Fall Beauty

On the Feast of the Little Flower how very moving that I should find in my garden what will most likely be "the last rose of summer"..... St. Therese, please pray for us. And thank you for the roses you continue to shower over the earth. Thank you for always hearing our prayers.

One of the rather invasive but lovely morning glories that reseeded in my garden this summer. I love them even though they're trying to strangle everything. :-)
One of the last petunias....
The hardy little zinnias, still blooming here and there. I had not realized how these little things will spread. Really enjoyed them this summer.
And the climbing wild rose that has been hanging out by the gate to our yard for over twenty years now. Who knows how old it already was when we moved in. It still has a few blooms left.
On the walkway to my front door.
I think this must be the offspring of that little snapdragon that lasted forever in previous years and continued to reseed over and over again. This one is a few feet away but just came up out of nowhere. It's the same color, I think. It must be from that plant. I haven't planted snapdragons in a couple years.
God is good. Always. The Fall is so beautiful. Things are dying, but there are new blooms too. And the Michigan Fall colors are just getting started. The glory of God, as always, is over everything.


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Sarah Oldham said...

What beautiful flowers! Lovely!

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

Awww...St. Therese sent you a rose! Beautiful!!