Monday, May 17, 2010

Cedar Point!!

Wooohooo, Cedar Point has wifi! Well, at least in the little donut shop by the entrance.

Drove here with the the members of the GR physics classes who are no doubt all out defying gravity already.

For those of you not from the Midwest of USA, Cedar Point is a crazy amusement park producing more rides all the time, each one looking more and more like something you couldn't possibly ride without causing brain damage. I don't even like to watch them, partly because it scares me to see my own children thrown through space and partly because even just seeing them makes me dizzy.

Cedar Point has the world's largest collection of roller coasters. Yup. 17 roller coasters. Count 'em.

You might be able to tell that I have real lack of enthusiasm for thrill rides. I don't understand the appeal of scaring oneself. There's enough in my life to trigger adrenaline without taking myself to the edge. But there are clearly lots of people who do enjoy the whole experience.

It's rainy here. A lot of the coasters are closed at the moment. The kids are probably a little disappointed.

But I'm happy. I'm dry and with wifi. Good stuff. Think I may find Jim now though and buy him lunch.

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Michelle said...

oh...I miss Cedar Point. My first rollar coaster rides were there. We used to go there once a summer when I was little and lived in OH. Then we went every few years after we moved to VA. After adulthood, even though my parents moved back to OH, I only went a few times. And now the folks in in FL.

Hope the kids had fun. My mom used to sit and watch us.