Thursday, April 22, 2010

The New Tree

I know you're probably wondering how I can be so geeked about a little tree.

I don't know. It's about five years old. It was free, because it's between the sidewalk and the street, technically city property.

And I like it. I love the cherry blossoms in Japan and here I now have my very own Japanese cherry blossom tree.

And.....It's starting to bloom little tiny cherry blossoms!!!!

How cool is that? There are now maybe 5 or 6 little blossoms. Life continues. God is good.


Maryellen said...

Oh, I just love Cherry blossoms. Our neighborhood is full of them and they are delightful.

Rosemary, your blog is looking great. I like all the photos of your family.
You have a new template since I last visited (has it been that long?!) It's so bright and colorful. It's also easy to read for these old eyes.

I popped in for a short visit, but got interrupted so here I am over an hour later, finally leaving my comment.

Kate said...

I'd be excited too...cherry trees are so lovely!

Wanted to let you know we just had Mike over for dinner. I'm going to post a picture on my blog just for you. :-D He's a perfect guest and it was great fun to see him here in NOLA.

Kate said...


Mimi said...

We have them down our street, and they are so lovely. And, then it looks like pink snow when they all drop.

Sarah Oldham said...

Ohh, I miss the ones in Maryland . . . the ones in D.C. Yes, beautiful flowers . . . life does go on! Thanks be to God.