Saturday, April 10, 2010

Barbie's Next Career

So the maker of Barbie dolls, Mattel, decided to have girls who visited vote on what should be Barbie's next career....

The choices? architect, anchorwoman, computer engineer, environmentalist, and surgeon

I find myself wondering why these? Clearly social status was in play, as well as a nod to political correctness.

I suppose stay-at-home-mom was not even discussed. Stay-at-home-mom? What a shocking suggestion!!! Would we want our girls to imagine a life of such drudgery, such menial work, a life very near to slavery, and terminal boredom!!! For those who may be new to this blog let me say that my tongue is planted very firmly in my cheek.

For over two decades now I have, in addition to small part-time jobs here and there, primarily lived the vocation of stay-at-home-mom. I LOVE being a SAHM. It's a lot of fun, allows for such creativity, allows me to love my kids to pieces, to make my home a warm and peaceful place for my family (most of the time:-), and most importantly it allows me to be there for my kids when they really need me. I'm here. At home. When they're sick, they stay home and I care for them. I'm at the schools, at the games, at the plays, at the Masses, at the concerts. And it's fascinating. It's fascinating to see these emerging personalities, fascinating to see the gifts developing, the abilities and preferences coming to light, the adult look coming into its own. And what a privilege to be the one to teach them, to show them how to live, how to be responsible, how to love the Lord and treat everyone as their neighbor.

Everyone I know who has lived the life of a SAHM feels the same way. We love it. I can't imagine a job that could be more fun or more satisfying.

And I think Barbie would love it too. That is, if Barbie were married and had children. Wait a minute. I guess Barbie is not married. (Course they could easily marry her off. There could be a pregnant Barbie, etc.) I hadn't thought of that. Maybe they actually thought the SAHM role would be a little bit complicated. And we certainly don't want Barbie to be an unmarried mom at home. Yeah. OK. I guess there is no slight to us stay-at-home-moms. :-) (Although, to be honest, I"m not that fond of Barbie anyway.) If BArbie is unmarried I ought to get off my soapbox, huh? Being a SAHM should not be one of her options.


notjustlaura said...

Fantastic post - helped me start my day on a smile ;0

Kate said...

I think the reason 'Mom' wasn't an option for this vote is because the question was, "what should Barbie be next. Barbie (actually, Barbie's friend 'Midge') has already done the pregnancy and baby thing in 2002: .

Barbie has been SO MANY things over the years I'm surprised they could come up with 5 mainstream careers she hasn't yet held! I like computer programmer myself - and hey, there's something Barbie could do from home or on flex-time someday. ;-)

Alexa said...

Happy Easter Rosemary and Family!

Lynz said...

I love you, Rosemary! I have a huge smile.

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

I love being a SAHM too, Rosemary! Great post.