Monday, March 15, 2010

Been just a little too busy here...

Sorry I've been out of contact for a little while here.

Added to the activities of my usual week were the following:

A sick child-- strep throat, trip to the doctor's, pharmacy, etc.

My turn to take snacks to the Youth Symphony Orchestra here

An appointment for one of my children with one of those super-specialists at U of M

My turn to feed my dear friend with ALS

One (or was it two?) appointments to look at bridesmaid dresses

An appointment to go over an estimate for the flowers for the wedding.

Dinner auction at our grade school

Whew. When push comes to shove in my schedule often it is the blogging that gets bumped. So.. that's where I've been. Now I have to get caught up with what my blogging friends are doing....


Suzanne said...

(Thumping my fingers on the table)
I was just wondering where you were! LOL! No don't have to answer to me..I just miss ya, that's all! You HAVE been busy. I almost forgot about a big wedding coming up too. Well, I'm starting a big project here with our daughter doing some remodeling and Dan and I are half in and out of our bed and bath.
Then, I've been trying to pray at PP for 40 Days for Life and stuff, so who knows..we're all busy with good stuff mostly, hmmm?

Mimi said...

Sounds very good busy, and very Lenten busy!
Continued prayers.

Tyrone & Suzanne said...

You're taking every opportunity to bring sunshine into the lives of others. Great Lenten work!