Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Political Rant

I just heard Mark Levin say on his radio show something to the effect that Barak Obama is the closest president to a dictator that the United States has ever had. I have to agree.

Scarcely a day goes by that Obama does not do something I find alarming or creepy. Why is he going around the country trying to convince the people that his health care bill is a good thing. It's already passed, thanks to the democrats' willingness to bribe, twist arms, and use unethical parliamentary maneuvers to get their way, in spite of the very clearly expressed disapproval of the American people.

Now I hear that the democrats are calling in for congressional hearings the four or so major companies that have expressed how much the health care bill is going to cost them. Congress wants them to justify what they've said, to produce the data, and to make public all emails pertaining to this question. Say what??!!?? Since when does our government tell businesses how to do business? Since when does the government have the authority to tell CEOs to come justify business decisions. This is still a free country. An organization can say whatever they want!! I hope they refuse. I hope they tell Congress that freedom of speech is guaranteed by our Constitution and they don't have to justify anything to a government body.

And the way that Obama belittles those who disagree with him is getting to be extremely annoying. Disagreeing with the President does not make you an extremist!! It doesn't make you someone who is divisive!! I find his dismissing of his opponents to be very unpresidential and, frankly, rather juvenile. What is he about?? I'm starting to think it may very well be his intention to become as close as we've ever had to a dictator of the United States. Every day he seems to grab more power. Where will he stop?


Maman A Droit said...

Ugh he is outrageous! He thinks he knows better than everyone what is best for the nation and that if he keeps talking about it we'll all eventually agree. The good news is that Obama travelling all over the country explaining his views is probably the most effective campaigning for the GOP in 2010 anyone could hope for!

Todd said...

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