Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad

I find the controversy over the airing of Focus on the Family's pro-life ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother very interesting.

I find myself asking what exactly is the objection? Here is a woman explaining how she chose life for her baby in spite of having been advised to abort. Isn't choice what the pro-abortion folks say it's all about?

I think what bothers them is that Tim Tebow will be standing there with his mother. Tim is the former fetus!! Now he is the Heisman Trophy winning Christian quarterback for the Florida Gators. There he will stand-- a real live human being, while his mother talks of the recommendation made to her that he be aborted.

I think the complainers are outraged that the connection will be made that an abortion ends a life-- a human life, and that every abortion that is not done results in a human being who will make a contribution to the world. In the case of Tim Tebow, the contribution is that of an outstanding athlete contributing to the world of football-- no small contribution in the eyes of the millions of football loving viewers of the Superbowl.

The ad, I imagine, will also bring to mind the idea that in the question of whether to abort or keep a baby there might actually be one choice that is better than the other. If one choice is better, obviously the one that gives the baby life, the suggestion remains on the table that maybe the question of abortion is actually a moral question. Maybe there is a right and a wrong choice. Maybe abortion is the wrong choice. Maybe it isn't just a matter of what the woman decides. Maybe one decision is better than the other. Maybe there IS a right and a wrong here. Maybe a woman who aborts her baby has done something wrong. Maybe a country such as ours that allows the killing of unborn children is guilty of denying a fundamental right to utterly innocent human beings.

I think the feminist pro-aborts are afraid that women who have had abortions will see this ad and it will cause them pain. Some of the pain will be feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. Such feelings could change the public discussion of abortion. It could encourage people to decide that abortion is indeed wrong and that we should rethink the issue.

I applaud Tim Tebow, his mother, and Focus on the Family for having the courage to do this and I look forward to seeing the ad. It will only be speaking the truth about one woman, her baby, (now the football star) and the choice she made for life. I say let the opponents shriek. I'm sure it will be a beautiful celebration of life.


Pat said...

As usual, Rose, you have done a fine job of analyzing this situation. I hadn't thought of the moms who may have had abortions (or dads of aborted babies!). I will be praying that they find a way to forgiveness, and not just experience guilt. As for me, my thought was, How many offensive adds have I had to watch on Superbowl Sundays? This spot, which seems will actually be a beautiful celebration of life, is considered offensive?!

Jean M. Heimann said...

Excellent analysis, Rosemary!

The "pro-choicers" only want choice when the decision is to abort the baby. In this case, the mother chose to give life to the baby with happy results. The pro-aborts don't want the women to see that -- that will turn them away from their lies. People will learn the truth.

When women decide to decide to keep their babies, the multi-million dollar abortion industry loses blood money.