Friday, November 20, 2009

Was Major Hasan a terrorist? Someone who commits an act of terror is a terrorist.

Oh dear, it's Friday already and I haven't posted since Tuesday. OK. Here's a quick thought.

In regard to the question of whether or not the attack at Fort Hood was terrorism, I am reminded of an incident that happened many years ago. My oldest son was about 4 or 5, his brother was a toddler. I was in the other room.

Suddenly, John started crying. I ran in to the living room to see John picking himself up off the ground. Mike was standing nearby looking guilty. I turned to Mike and asked firmly, "Why is he crying?" Mike's response, "I don't know." I turned to John. "What's wrong?" John says through his tears, "Mike pushed me down." I turned back to Mike, "Why are telling me you don't know why he's crying. You know exactly why he's crying."

Mike replied without missing a beat, "I didn't know if he was crying because I pushed him, or if it was because he got hurt when he fell." He said this with a completely straight face.

I was so taken aback I burst out laughing and told him he should be a lawyer.

Now, back to the horrible tragedy at Fort Hood. Major Hasan called on the name of Allah before he started shooting. He had ties to a radical imam. And he killed thirteen people and injured many others.

Is he a terrorist? I'd say. To those who say, well, maybe he was mentally ill I would say that clearly all terrorists have broken with a normal sense of reality. He was upset about his impending deployment? Yeah? How does that explain an act of violence?

He was a terrorist!!! I don't care if he had overseas ties or not. So what?

You can take whatever angle you want. He was a radical Muslim and he was a terrorist. I don't see any other way to look at it.


Serena said...

You are spot on, Sister!

Suzanne said...

There is no other explanation...none...period...over and out..he is/was a terrorist.

hi said...

Amen! And as a friend of ours pointed out to us, he actually murdered 14 people, as one of the victims was 3 months pregnant.

Mary O'Hannigan said...

Hi Rose!
I'm not sure if my prior comment will appear, but it's showing as "hi"~the first part of our mail. A friend of ours reminded us that this terrorist actually murdered 14 people since on of the victims was three months pregnant,

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Mary, that's true. I hadn't thought of that!