Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yikes! I'm behind on everything. (Story of my life... teehee)

Still working on our high school's adoration schedule. It takes a lot of time communicating with people and adjusting the schedule.

Had a dental appointment this week and a hearing exam. I've had some hearing loss which is why I had this appointment, but it's stable compared to last year so that's good.

Spent a day looking at wedding dresses with my daughter and talking to a photographer.

Then I substitute taught the third grade at our grade school.

When even one of these schedule changing events happens in a week I get behind. Sometimes it's laundry. Sometimes it's groceries. Sometimes it's a deterioration in meal planning. Sometimes it's all of the above! Today it's all of the above!

But this is the advantage of being a stay-at-home mom. I can let some things go when I feel there is a greater priority. I can shift my work.

This week my oldest has business in this area so he will be staying with us most of the week. What a blessing it is to be able to see him this much and have him around. I ironed his shirt this morning and made him an omelette. How often do I get to do that for my 25 year old. Fun stuff!

What's on my To-Do List? Emails about Adoration, grocery shopping, plan dinner (and make it!), catch up on laundry, do those dishes, tidy up the house, pray! And maybe make it to Mass. Oh, and send in the check and signed contract to the photographer. And pick up Liz from volleyball. And find out what time John is teaching at our house today. ....and probably a few other things that at the moment escape me.

God bless your day and all those you love!


Suzanne said...

Its a good kind of busy! :)

Catholic Chicks said...

What a blessed and busy life! :) Great blog!