Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everybody Home!!

For one dinner this week we had everybody home. Fun stuff. Mike is doing business in Michigan this week and staying with us. John and Anne came over for dinner too.

We had a nice dinner including the bread pictured above. (I didn't make it. Bought it.) Looks nice though, doesn't it?
And the above salads which I did make. Aren't those blackberries awesome? Sam's Club. and they were as yummy as they look.

But best of all, all my kids together at the table again. I don't know. Why do moms love having all the kids at the dinner table so much? Is it having all "my ducks in a row?" Or ducklings, as the case may be-- even though three of them are legal adults, two are college graduates, you know. Or is it just me? When all my kids are at the table I can hardly get the silly grin off my face. I guess it's the mom-thing. I look at them and all the satisfaction of being the mother of each one just fills me with gladness. Sweet contentment. God is good. Very good!


Suzanne said...

God is good and you are very blessed.

Anonymous said...

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Rosemary Bogdan said...

Will someone tell me how I can delete the above nasty comment that has nothing to do with the post?

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

I know there is a way, but I do not know. Maybe just have your comments moderated from now on before they are posted? This would mean you would have to okay them before they get posted.