Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Busy, busy times....but fun.

All set for the graduation Mass at my daughter's grade school, a wonderful Catholic school that I love.

And the graduate holding her diploma!!

The graduate's fan club, including all her siblings....


And older girlfriends....teehee

Alumni brothers chatting with a favorite and awesome teacher (who also reads this blog;-)

And a favorite social studies teacher!

Advice from older siblings...... and the shoes I knew would hurt her feet.

Jim, having just won the trophy for the most improved runner on his track team.

...with moral support from younger sister....
Man, I love these family events but it sure is nice at the end of the day to just hang out at home...sweet home.


Mimi said...

Congratulations to the new graduate! Many Years!

Suzanne said...

Such a nice successful loving picture blog! :)

'thann said...

Oh, how I love HVCS!!! What a blessing that school was not only for Teddy but for us. Cool to see photos of Mr. N and Mr. C!


Sarah said...

yeah, the house is great, but you great folks make it a home . . . I bet it is a wonderful place to be!