Friday, May 15, 2009

Our parish May Crowning

Before I begin to tell you about the May Crowning at Christ the King parish I must issue a disclaimer on this blog.

Lest you think that I and my family lead a charmed life I must acknowledge, as I have occasionally in the past, that our family is like any other family.  We have our challenges and our "stuff."  All is not perfect.  

On this blog I only write about the positive incidents, the good stuff.  I do not write about negative or difficult situations in my family.   

That being said.....

Every year Christ the King Parish randomly chooses a Confirmand girl to crown the Blessed Mother and a First Communicant girl to carry the crown in procession.

This year, randomly, my own daughter Liz was chosen to crown the Blessed Mother!!!!  I could not have been more pleased!!  She also was very honored.

Here is our lovely Marian statue after the crowning.

With the help of Mary O., we again were able to order from Hawaii this gorgeous crown!!

Confirmand altar boys led the procession.

First Communicants were encouraged to come in their Communion attire.  They led the procession with the Confirmands.

Liz and the First Communicant approaching the statue.

And here is sweet Liz crowning Our Lady on behalf of us all.

Mary, queen of the angels, queen of the May, queen of all saints, queen of heaven, queen of peace.....pray for us all!!!!


Sarah said...


Mimi said...

What a blessing for your daughter, and lovely photos.

Lynz said...

What a wonderful experience for Liz. I love the pictures!

Barb, sfo said...

What a lovely crowning! Our school has theirs next week.
Your daughter looked beautiful--and her dress was great.