Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Memorial Day, late in the day, we packed up our leftover food from the Confirmation party and went to Gallop Park for a picnic.

I did not have much energy left.  It was good to just sit and not have any dishes. :-)

 Husband Mike likes being near the water, so he was happy being near the pond.

I think everyone was a little tired, even Liz.

But.... young people don't relax for long.... Jim challenging his sisters to a race.  I actually raced them too at one point which would have made for a very amusing video.  His dad also raced him.  Needless to say, no one beat Jim.


Suzanne said...

Ha! Ha! Rosemary! You're too cute!
I love know I do..the family stuff. Those are just good times to remember as well as the big ones.

Sarah said...

After cleaning that house of ours for days on end, I can say I feel like I've run a race of some sort! Video is always fun! I love quiet lakeside moments.