Monday, May 18, 2009

Notre Dame Commencement

I watched (in order to be able to comment) the commencement address of President Obama.  There were several times (I guess, 3) when the speech was interrupted by people shouting.  I could not understand their words but I just heard on Catholic radio what they were saying:

"Abortion is murder!!!!"

"Stop killing babies!!!!"

and my favorite....

"President Obama, you owe the mother of God an apology!!!!"


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Pat said...

I have not yet seen the text of Obama's speech. However, I did see Fr. Jenkin's introduction (on I can't believe that Fr. Jenkins tried to turn this thing on its head and applaud Obama for accepting the invitation even though he disagrees with what ND thinks about abortion (you gotta admit that was a nice surprise to hear him say that ND agrees with the Church). BUT, come on, Obama was given more than an honorary doctorate! He was given a free platform to the all-important Catholic vote by accepting that invitation! Sorry, Fr. Jenkins. That one didn't fly. I haven't seen much about the commencement, so I am looking forward to your take on it, Rose.