Monday, May 18, 2009

Common Ground? How about speaking the truth?

“When we open our hearts and our minds to those who may not think precisely like we do or believe precisely what we believe—that’s when we discover at least the possibility of common ground,” Obama said.
So what?  Why is "common ground" something to be sought after?  Why is it a good?  

Should we seek "common ground" with those who want to destroy Israel?  How about those in authority who did nothing even after being informed of priests abusing children?  Should we seek "common ground" with terrorists?  This is typical empty Obama rhetoric.  Sounds kind of good until you stop to think about what it means.

Obama happily declared that we could agree on some things:    That abortion is a gut-wrenching decision for a woman, and that we all want to reduce the number of abortions.

When was there EVER disagreement on these two items???

And when the discussion is about what is the truth about the dignity of the human person why is finding areas of agreement a goal?

It is speaking the truth that is necessary, not finding agreement.  

Speaking the truth!!!!

I saw Obama receive his honorary law degree and I was brought to tears for the pain inflicted on Our Blessed Mother.

Lord have mercy!


Catholic Mom said...


I was at a soccer game so I didn't get to see the speech live. I did read the text. Several things jumped out at me and I have outlined them here. My bottom line is his anti-life agenda is intact. It is just tied up with a pretty bow of cliches and platitudes. Fr. Jenkins should be ashamed for being complicit in this.

I also have posted the text of Fr. Miscamble's address from the alternative commencement event. He offers hope that The University of Notre Dame will persevere.

My prayers are with all the faithfully Catholic students, alumni, and friends of Notre Dame. This is a painful time.

Lynz said...

It is hard to hear a view so opposite of what we believe... especially at a place one respects for their moral standings.

I don't agree with Obama's view of abortion at all. It is so hard to see him wanting "common ground" on issues of life and death. I don't agree with his socialistic agenda either. What happened to teaching morals... not excusing the absence of them?

Suzanne said...

This has been personally very painful for you. I know it has been. I admire you for your posts here and what you have made the effort to do. Although, noone in my family ever attended ND, it is in my home state and it is meant to be a university in high honor of the Mother of God..the Creator of all of human life. So, therefore, it hurts many of us too and I just wanted you to know that.
For what it is worth, I believe there have been very dark forces planning the likes of this type thing for a very long time. My mother used to say some very profound things many years ago and when the priest scandal was alive and kicking I thought about what she said and now this...what better way for satan and his cohorts to try to destroy the Catholic Church and Faith than to come from within. I believe there are many at ND and unfortunately this apparently includes priests and others who call themselves Catholic and perhaps never really intended to be. Some may see this as far fetched and some may see this is being a very dramatic take on things, but I for one simply do not doubt it. The way that Father Jenkins handled himself through this whole entire ordeal, tells me one thing...there is something very very wrong and planned and manipulated going on...he never once seemed worried, concerned, contrite...just went on a path and stuck with it...very eerie.
When will more people wake up? I have no idea.
Still, what you are doing is a very good thing and I would have been at ND if I could have been this past weekend. As it was, I was there in prayer as best I could be. God bless you and keep on, lady...keep on! I know you will!

debra said...

As a Catholic, I was offended by Obama's speech. Not so much what he said (although I obviously don't agree with him, but I do believe in freedom of speech) but WHERE he said it. He basically came into someone else's home and pushed his agenda to a group, the majority which he knew didn't agree with him. It was just wrong & disrespectful. He should have known better. He should have thought through his actions. Thanks for your post.

John said...

We don't need common ground but only the truth. Compromise is not good for our faith!
John from:
Catholic Answers