Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More moments of Grace

I had so much to say yesterday to you dear intercessors that I forgot to mention several grace filled moments at the U of M Health Center.

Not only did everything go smoothly but my brother was in a very good mood, considering the circumstances.

Once when I was in the ladies' room I heard a knock on the door.  As I said, "Just a minute," I hear a man's deep voice saying something about needing to clean the restroom.  The voice sounded suspiciously like my brother's so I just laughed.  Still, a part of me wondered....was it someone else?  I opened the door to see him standing there laughing and demanding, "How did you know it was me?"  ( How did I know?  54 years of history with this guy.  LOL)

He also wanted to get a DVD of the esophagram he had had done that morning at 10:30.  I didn't want to burst his bubble by saying that I thought there was less than a 1% chance of his getting that today or any day, really, without jumping through major bureaucratic hoops.  So we went down to records.

He opened the door to what appeared to be a rather dimly lit room.  He closed it again abruptly with this shocked look on his face declaring, "There's surgery going on in that room!!!" I just laughed.  He knew I wouldn't fall for it and he also knew it would make me laugh.  It did.

We walked up to the desk and Rich presented his request.  The man said,  "And when was this done?"  I thought here it comes, he's going to say they don't even have it yet and send the request in writing in about a week,etc.

No!!  The guy says, "Sure!  Just give me a minute to make a copy."  Then Rich says, "Could I have two copies?"  I'm thinking no way is he going to get two copies.  The guy says, "Sure, no problem."

It's amazing what can happen when you have people praying for you.  And I am now repenting of every complaint I have ever had against the U of M Health System.  They were wonderful!!.


Mimi said...

Wonderful! Moments of grace are absolultely breataking, aren't they?

Pat said...

Rich would love me. I would have fallen for both of those! How wonderful that he could be joking around with you while in the midst of contemplating major surgery. You two have a great relationship.

Lynz said...

Laughter is often the best way to deal with stressful situations. It makes the burden not quite so heavy. I'm glad you guys could enjoy some fun moments.

And that is great to get records so quickly, with so little difficulty. I know it's difficult here in Utah. You have to fill out millions of forms and usually pay a fee.

ukok said...

I am pleased that things went well. There is certainly something to be said for having a sense of humour when one has health problems. It uses less muscles to crack a smile than wear a frown too!